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Mr. Koichi TANAKA

Executive Research Fellow / General Manager,

Mass Spectrometry Research Laboratory, Shimadzu Corporation

Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2002

Mr. Koichi Tanaka received a B.A. in engineering from Tohoku University in 1983. His research field is Development of tools and methods for analysis of protein and carbohydrate structure. The brief biography and awards are as follows.

Honors & Awards

1989. 5 Encouragement Award from the Mass Spectroscopy Society of Japan
2002.11 Order of Cultural Merit Award
2002.12 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


1983. 4 Central Research Laboratory, Shimadzu Corporation.
1986. 5 Scientific Measurement Instru. Div., R&D Dep., Shimadzu Corp.
1992. 1 KRATOS Group PLC. in UK
1992.12 Analytical Instrument Division, R&D Department, Shimadzu Corporation
1997. 4 Shimadzu Research Laboratory (Europe) Ltd. in UK
1999.12 KRATOS Group PLC in UK
2002. 5 Analytical & Measuring Instru. Div., Life Sci. Busi. Unit, Shimadzu Corporation
2002.11 Fellow, Shimadzu Corporation
2003. 1 General Manager, Mass Spectrometry Research Lab., Shimadzu Corporation
2010. 3 General Manager,
Koichi Tanaka Lab. of Advanced Science and Technology,
Shimadzu Corporation
2012.6 Senior Fellow, Shimadzu Corporation
2020.4 Executive Research Fellow, Shimadzu Corporation